About us

ITPermanent offers companies the opportunity to search candidates by themselves, or the possibility of contact with us to take care of it for them. Whatever the way you wish to use the services of ITPermanent, worth mentioning that is completely free for both the company and the candidate.

ITPermanent will be among the best in Europe to create synergy between companies and job seekers.

ITPermanent will make it possible for specialists to work with what they are passionate about and get the best out of their abilities.

ITPermanent wants to be an open information platform and an accessible interface between job seekers and companies.

Our goal
Our goal is to become the main meeting point to interconnect businesses and professionals throughout the European Union.

Our main values are:

  • Free service. For both companies and candidates seeking employment, our service is completely free and without limitations.
  • Accessible. If you published your profile or your job in other sites, you can register it in ITPermanent.com with a single click.
  • Compromise. We keep our promises and we are completely transparent about publishing deals and resumes by our users, whether candidates or companies.
  • We enable workers to develop their full potential by extending its range of action throughout the European Union and facilitate European companies seeking candidates with the respondent profile.